BLITZ Automated Tube Labeler

Fast and Accurate
Automated Tube Labeler

BLITZ Information

  • Compact & Light-weight

    Lightest one of its breed and enhanceda portability.

  • Outstanding Performance

    Small size, but its throughput is just phenomenal.

    Huge contribution to get the shortest TAT.
    (Turn Around Time)

  • Multipurpose

    Greatly fit for any sized blood collection room.

    Being a small form-factor product, it could be applied for other areas as well.
    (ward, ER, ICU and more)

  • Network Connectivity

    Interface with any HIS.(Hospital Information System) and LIS (Laboratory Information System) Support wireless connection.

  • Strong Software Capability

    Provide an excellent independent user program called CCC.
    (Provide an excellent desktop software called BCC (BLITZ Command Center).)

    Provide a barcode design program to generate customized barcode format.

    Provide various statistical data.

  • More things!

    Maintenance-friendly features such as patented structure of auxiliary (Urine) printer.

    User-friendly structure of main printer to make users easier when changing labeling paper.

    Open-window-feature to see how much amount of blood in the blood-sample-tube.

    Side-holes for handling extra kinds of blood-sample-tube.